Cookie '心'的旅程


這個看似平凡的影片背後有一個感人的小故事...  There's a heartwarming story behind this video... (click See More for English)

Moca 跟 Cookie在台灣中途時, Moca住在志工家, Cookie住在寵物旅館。 送這兩個小朋友出國的時候, 照顧Moca的志工把Moca平時在家用的東西都幫他帶上。 到了機場, 我們發現Cookie非常喜愛Moca的玩具, 看著Cookie在機場玩得起勁都不願鬆口, 當時照顧Cookie的志工非常的內疚, Cookie從來沒有玩過玩具, 雖然他就要回家了, 但是沒能給她帶一個她愛的玩具一起回家心裡一直很過意不去。 (因為這個玩具是Moca的第一個玩具, 對Moca有很大的意義, 所以也無法割愛給Cookie)。 兩個小孩回家後, 兩位媽媽都分別幫Moca跟Cookie買了玩具。 但Moca媽媽輾轉聽到這件事, 把玩具寄給了Cookie。 在影片中可以聽到 Cookie媽媽說: 「去拿包裹的時候, Cookie馬上就知道這個包裹是她的!!」 她真的好愛這個玩具喔! 謝謝Moca媽媽的割愛。 謝謝兩位媽媽, 謝謝您們給這兩個曾經在台灣流浪的小孩一個家。 我們真的好開心, 我們的毛孩子能回到這麼棒的家, 而二位媽媽都還互相關心彼此家中的小孩。 看到孩子們這麼的幸福, 我們會更努力的!!

When Cookie and Moca were still in Taiwan, Cookie stayed at a boarding place and Moca was fostered by a volunteer. The volunteer bought Moca a toy. 

The day at the airport, the volunteer bagged the toy for Moca's journey. Cookie, who never had a toy in her life, picked up Moca's toy and just couldn't stop playing. The volunteer felt so sorry for Cookie and blamed herself for not getting a toy for Cookie. (It was Moca's first and only toy for the journey, so couldn't give it to Cookie.) 

Cookie and Moca arrived in LA and went home with their family... One day, a package arrived, and for some reasons, Cookie was excited. Susan, Cookie's mom opened the package and IT WAS MOCA'S TOY!! The one that Cookie couldn't let go of at the airport!! Now, Cookie got one more toy, her favorite, in the toy box. 

(Moca's mommy heard about what happened at the airport, so she sent the toy to Cookie! What a nice surprise for Cookie!! And what a loving gesture from Moca's family! ♥)